Video Production

Video is versatile

It’s said that people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they see, and 50% of what they hear and see.

In an ever-increasing digital age where there are too many platforms, too much information and too many distractions, it is a sheer challenge to keep your audience with your brand for long. Studies show that a website that has quality videos can keep an audience an average of two minutes longer, meaning that people are more likely to engaged by videos. Having said that, a video that lacks in strategic and aesthetic quality can bring disaster in terms of establishing your brand’s identity.

At 19, we believe in the marriage of content and quality and it is primarily for this attribute that only in six years of time, we have had a pool of extremely satisfied clients from all over the world.  We sternly believe that no matter what company, service, or product you have, a good video, be that a company overview, television commercial or a viral, could benefit you in some way or other. Currently we are offering all kind of video production services in Austria and Bangladesh.

360 degree/ virtual reality (VR) video production has been recently added to our pool of services along with professional aerial photography. Get in  touch us today for all kind of film, video production equipment rental and crew hire solution.

  • Pre-Production
  • Pre-production services are essential for any kind of film and video projects. We believe that strong pre-production makes sure that all the resources are properly utilized.
    • Creative concept or idea development
    • Script & Screenplay
    • Pre Visualization & Storyboard
    • Casting & Budget
    • Design & Insurance
    • Location & Permit
    • Producer & Production Manager

  • Production
  • Equipment rental and crew hire is at the core of film and video Production services. To facilitate smooth production we always try our best to source the finest equipment available.
    • Director & Assistant Directors
    • Cinematographer/ DOP, Gaffer & Best Boy
    • Equipment Hire & Catering
    • Fixer & Location Manager
    • Wardrobe & Make Up Artist
    • Aerial Filming/ Photography
    • Sound Engineer & Boom Operator

  • Post Production
  • We use latest technology and cutting edge applications for smooth Post Production service. Our tapeless workflow is almost full proof with well-maintained backup system.
    • Edit Panel & Editor
    • Color Grading, CGI & Animation
    • Music, Voice Over & Sound Studio
    • Translation & Subtitle
    • Mastering & DVD Authoring
    • Archive & Transfer
    • Projection Services

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We manage every aspect of a project, concept development, physical production, and post-production through to final delivery and all seven billion things in between.